We believe that strong family systems are key for reaching success.

What is o3

On Our Own (O3) is a Montreal-based non-profit located in the Notre-Dame de Grace neighborhood that supports young, vulnerable parents and their children.

Since opening in 2005, O3 offers a multitude of on-site support services to its resident families. It operates out of a four-building, 29-unit apartment complex. Rental subsidies for all residents are provided in collaboration with the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal.

O3 is not emergency housing. On average, it takes 3 months to complete our application process and be ready to move in.


O3 offers support services and transitional housing to young, vulnerable parents (aged 16 – 30 years old) with at least one child (0 – 5 years old) who face significant socio-economic barriers.

Each family can stay at O3 for up to 5 years, during which time they work on goals that help strengthen their autonomy, self-determination, and sense of belonging so they can move from surviving to thriving independently within the community.


In addition to housing, our individualized, culturally safe programs and services promote opportunities for growth and well-being. Our areas of focus include parenting, financial literacy, education and career, mental health, healthy relationships, and healthy living.

From Individual Action Plans (IAP) to group workshops to community events that promote connectivity and inclusiveness, we offer residents the opportunity to strengthen their skills and take charge of their future.


O3 takes a trauma-informed, intergenerational and culturally responsive approach that focuses on the well-being of all members within the family unit.

  • A trauma-informed approach acknowledges that events from the past may be (negatively) impacting the present.
  • An intergenerational approach engages with all generations within the family unit to create the biggest impact.
  • A culturally-responsive approach includes a diversity cultural perspectives in messaging, content and approach to engagement.


We acknowledge that everyone arrives at O3 at different starting points; this means that each resident has unique goals and expectations. Our hope is that the majority of residents are able to gain the skills they need to thrive during their time with us.

We believe that education is one of the critical paths out of poverty, so it is one of our main metrics of growth and success. Today, 18 of our 29 residents are enrolled in some form of furthering education, representing a 200% increase in the past eight years.


of our 29 residents are enrolled in some form of furthering education
increase since 2013


Stay informed on the latest from O3 by reviewing our past Annual Reports, listed below.