Here at O3, our program is built on helping families thrive through the power of community. Supporting our parents as they build a better future for their children and themselves is at the core of everything we do.

It takes a village of community members to protect its most vulnerable. As such, we rely on a network of generous donors, partners, and volunteers to support our families as they continue this progress towards self-betterment. Learn more below about how you can help.



Lack of affordable housing in Canada continues to be one of the main causes of poverty. 21% of single mothers in Canada are raising their children in poverty and women parenting on their own enter shelters at twice the rate of two-parent families. Affordable housing is an effective building block in the creation of healthy, flourishing families.

When young parents are not struggling to provide the most essential needs of shelter and food, they are able to take steps that ensure a more viable future for themselves and their children. This stability contributes to the likelihood of further education and training, personal development and healing from trauma.

Your contribution enables O3 to continue to offer life-changing programs to young parents and to break the cycle of poverty one family at a time. Donations cover things like:

  • Purchases that help to maintain our outdoor space (i.e., lawnmower, snow blower etc and low maintenance outdoor furniture). This is especially valued during COVID-19 so our families can better maintain social distancing.
  • Costs for office technology/subscriptions so we are better able to communicate with residents during COVID-19 and promote work from home for employees when possible (i.e., annual zoom plan and other software/phone programs, IT repair cost, cell phone plan)
  • Promoting positive mental health strategies for employees covering their health benefits (i.e., sick days, personal days)

Thank you to our generous supporters

A big shout out to the many individual donors who give year after year. We are grateful to our community members who continue to believe in our work and give what they can to support our mission.