Here are the frequently asked questions (faq) about O3. If you do not get the answer that you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us.

Can I live at O3 if I do not have full custody of my child?2022-02-06T06:17:33+00:00

In order to qualify, parents must have at least 50% custody of their children.

Do I have to sign a lease at O3?2022-04-21T13:52:24+00:00

Instead of a regular lease, new residents must sign what we call a “social contract”. In signing this document, residents commit to following the rules of O3 and commit to participating in O3 programs. A review of the resident’s participation is done before renewing a social contract.

How long can I live at O3?2022-02-06T06:18:48+00:00

We work with resident members from the beginning to establish a time frame for their stay at O3 based on their goals. Before a new social contract is signed, the support staff reviews the progress of the resident member to ensure they are actively taking steps to reach their goals as well as following the rules at O3.

How many hours a week are required for O3 Programs?2022-02-06T06:19:36+00:00

When a family moves into O3 they sign up for the workshops they will be expected to attend. We provide workshops on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30 pm. The resident member also meets with the resident coordinator for a minimum of 1 hour each month to review their action plan. Some weeks a family may attend 6 hours of workshops and/or meetings other weeks the family may have any workshops and/or meetings to attend.

Can I have a roommate at O3?2022-02-06T06:20:15+00:00

Any guest that stays at your apartment more than 2 nights a week must apply to be a second resident. They must go through the application process and be accepted for the government rent subsidy.

Can I move into O3 if I haven’t given birth yet?2022-02-06T06:20:58+00:00

If you are pregnant you can start the O3 application process. In special circumstances, a family may move into O3 before the child is born.

How much notice do I need to give O3 if the program ends up not being right for me?2022-04-20T19:10:42+00:00

If you decide to move out of O3 you need to give us two months notice in writing.

What is meant by “community contributions”?2022-02-06T06:22:32+00:00

Resident members are active and contribute to the O3 community in a variety of ways. Some residents may be involved in community gardening, childcare, planning activities or beautifying the community.
All residents are expected to attend resident meetings to share ideas and talk about any issues that are coming up in their building. Every year five resident members are elected to represent the O3 community on the O3 board.

How do I know if I qualify for subsidized housing?2022-02-06T06:23:09+00:00

Please see how to apply and call the office at 514-369-0757 to ask questions about your specific situation.

Why is it so important to have my taxes done and up to date?2022-02-06T06:23:49+00:00

Each year you need to have your taxes done and up to date to provide the information to the OMHM to renew your subsidy. You also need to have your taxes done on time to continue to receive your child benefits.

What do you mean by a culture of mutual support?2022-02-06T06:24:25+00:00

A culture of mutual support is the opportunity for families to be there for each other to encourage everyone to flourish. Our program is for families who share the life experience of having children at a younger age. We encourage families to connect, share and learn from each other through workshops and community-building activities.

What can I do to make the most of my stay at O3?2022-02-06T06:24:52+00:00

Your time at O3 will happen quickly. We encourage all residents to make use of the support we provide and to participate fully in the O3 community. This is a great opportunity for your children to also benefit from our activities and grow up in a positive environment with new friends.

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