Subsidized Housing

We offer subsidized housing for young parents in Montreal.

Subsidized housing offered by O3 – On Our Own consists of 29 transition apartments in two buildings on the Benny Farm site in NDG. There is a garden, outdoor play area, community kitchen, children’s playroom and large community meeting space. We are minutes away from a grocery store, a recreational center, a library, a cultural center and a CLSC.

Funded by the AccèsLogis program under the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) and the Office Municipal D’Habitation Montreal (OMHM), O3 offers two and three bedroom units to young parents who qualify for low subsidized housing. Generally, the resident member will pay 25% of their revenue for rent. For example, someone on social assistance with one child would pay approximately $290 in rent with electricity included. This amount is adjusted yearly according to revenue.

Resident members must renew their rent subsidies each fall by sending updated proof of revenue to the OMHM. The length of time that a resident member stays at On Our Own- O3 depends on their goals and action plan but is limited to a maximum of 5 years.

O3 – On Our Own
3970 Cavendish Suite #1
Montreal, Quebec,
H4B 2N3

From Vendome Metro
Bus #105 to Cavendish/Sherbrooke
Bus #104 to Cavendish/Sherbrooke