Programs & Services

In addition to housing, O3 offers its resident members a wide variety of support programs that focus on parenting, education and independent living skills. Some programs are mandatory and others are optional. Resident members must meet regularly with our resident coordinator, from the time they arrive to when they leave, to get support in setting realistic goals and accomplishing an Individual Action Plan (IAP). It is understood that potential resident members may differ considerably in the nature of their challenges and degree of support required. Given this, adaptability in our approach is key.


Individual Action Plan (IAP)

Action plans are each resident’s road map for their time in the O3 program. Action plans vary from resident to resident and consist of a set of goals. By way of example, an action plan might include the following goals: within 3 years the resident member would like to finish high school, pay off credit card debt, learn new parenting skills, form new friendships with people who have similar goals, work on personal boundaries and enrol in a career program at CEGEP. The team at O3 are here to support the resident member in realizing their goals as well as to help them integrate into community life. If it is determined that the resident needs more support to achieve the goals in their action plan, O3 may link the resident up with specific resources that work with young families.



The O3 program also includes workshops that complement the individual action plan and help resident members build skills and make connections within the community. Our workshops focus on 5 core areas:

Parenting and Children’s Growth
This area is meant to help resident members with the questions that they may have as a parent, as their child grows and goes through different stages of development. O3 coordinates with professionals from the local CLSC and community organizations to provide parenting workshops on subjects relevant to our resident members. Parents will learn about the developmental stages of their child, establishing routines, setting up boundaries and consequences. The goals of these workshops are to build parental confidence, to increase parenting skills and to increase the joys of parenting young children.

Being at O3 gives resident members the chance to get started on their career path by returning to school, or enrolling in a training program. Our resident coordinator can help navigate the loans and bursary system and provide direction on what training options are available.

It is not easy to live on a tight budget! The goal of these workshops are to meet the financial needs of young families. We are continually adapting the content to provide the most helpful information and tools. These mandatory workshops are designed to explore how to build and follow a monthly family budget, to evaluate spending habits, to understand needs versus wants, and learn ways to save and pay down debt.

Community and leadership
O3 is a community and a place to build your leadership skills. Together we can work to create a strong positive environment so that everyone has the opportunity to flourish. Resident members can become board members and join project committees. Our staff support the resident members to bring their ideas to life.

Personal development: looking after yourself
For young parents it can be hard to find time for yourself. Through workshops, support and community resources we hope that every resident member can get a chance to work on issues that matter to them. Some of our workshops include Healthy Relationships, Nutrition and Cooking, Spoken Word Poetry, Rhythm and Movement, Child Drop-off…

Other Programs and Activities

Resident Meetings
Monthly meetings provide a chance for the residents to share and discuss issues and ideas as well as plan and organize events and activities for the O3 Community.

Special Events
Staff and O3 resident members plan and organize fun group-oriented activities that help to create a sense of community amongst the O3 families. Having fun and celebrating together is an important part of life at O3.

Child Drop-Off
Two evenings a month parents may drop off their children in the playroom with our child care worker from 5 to 7pm. A healthy meal is provided for the children. There is a small cost of $2.

Past activities have included

  • Film nights
  • Summer Fun activities and outings to Eco Museum, Botanical Gardens, Biodome
  • Holiday parties and celebrations; Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Black History Month…
  • Clothing swaps and yard sales
  • Spa and beauty nights
  • Community BBQ’s
  • Games night
  • Arts and Crafts evenings
  • Gardening