Born and raised in Montréal, to Trinidadian and Jamaican parents, Ushana has been at O3 since October 2018.

“My maternal grandmother lived with us my whole life, and I understand now, more than ever, what a support that was for my mom, and what a gift it was for me. I do this work because I am no different from the women I serve. They learn from me, and I learn from them. They inspire me, and I inspire them. I have perhaps been more fortunate in that I have had opportunities they haven’t, and people have opened doors for me that are perhaps still closed for them. What I hope to do in my role as Director is to throw the doors wide open for these mothers, fathers and their children, and to ensure that through our programming, they are ready to run through those doors and seize all that life has to offer them.”

Guilty Pleasure Song

-How to Save a Life – The Fray


Fun Fact

-I love singing Broadway showtunes!