Some Activities for Kids in Montreal

Here are some activities suitable for the young kids at o3. They are all accessible by the stm bus/metro system. If you have any places to add, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Zoo Ecomuseum

“One and only outdoor zoo on the island of Montréal, the Ecomuseum Zoo offers visitors a unique and natural experience. An opportunity to share an intimate moment from the lives of numerous animal species exclusively from Québec.”

Adults (16 – 64 years old) : $16,75
Seniors (65 years old & over) : $13,50
Children (3 – 15 years old) : $9,75
Toddlers (2 years old & under) : FREE

Opening Hours:
Everday : 9 a.m – 5 p.m

(1h30mins from o3)

H9X 3Y7

Kazoom Café

Indoor Park! A secure and safe environment for kids to play with lots of activities. Parents can also participate if they like.


1-2 $6.95 $9.95
3+ $8.95 $11.95
Adults $3.95 $4.95

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Friday: 9:30am – 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

(53mins from o3)

2169 Marcel Laurin blvd,
suite 160, Ville Saint Laurent
H4R 1K4

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In-house activities for kids

Science experiments:
Science experiments are lots of fun for kids and it is educational. Letting your kids enjoy learning is a good initiative before they start school. Ages 4 and up are more likely to enjoy theses. Here are a list of interesting science experiments for kids. I suggest only a few at a time. After 30 minutes of experiments, their brain can get tired and they lose interest for a long time. Some kids who are naturally curious about these can enjoy for longer periods. If you see that your child is getting tired, stop, so that they do not lose the good memory of the experiments. That goes for most activities with kids. Among the experiments in the pdf, the most enjoyed ones where : avoiding pepper, lava lamp, ocean waves, rising water, traveling water, dancing raisins, floating letters, bend water and blow up balloon. The others were not as exciting for the kids, but I left them just in case. You can find more demos on YouTube and other websites.


Tracing, drawing and colouring:
These are very easy and cheap methods of fun for kids. It also introduces them to more imagery and vocabulary. Related books can be found in abundance at dollarama for a very reasonable price. You can buy a few so that your child can rotate them once in a while.

Some parent’s are unaware of their kid’s capacity to do puzzles and they grow up without developing those abilities. There are 3 year olds who can do 100 piece puzzles. It helps them to be patient and concentrated. You should start with a few pieces and gradually increase when you see that your child is doing it with ease. Buy thicker pieces or doubles because there are bound to be broken pieces. Walmart is a good place to get some okay-quality ones for a reasonable price. You can buy better quality(harder to break) ones at a higher price if you plan to reuse it for other kids later on.

Sticker books:
Sticker or magnetic books are very interesting to young kids from 3 years old. Get those where you have to place the sticker in the right place. It is preferable and less frustrating for your child if the stickers are divided by which page they go on. Dollarama also has lots of these but they go fast, so when you see it, you can get alot.

Grocery Store Role-Play:
This is a very educational activity for kids, but requires a little more investment in time and money(but not too expensive). You will have to buy some fake products. Wal-Mart sells them for $10-$20 per bag. Many people asked me where I bought them on my way home. One bag can suffice for beginners. Now to build the store, you will need a small wall shelf. You can create one with cardboard and glue. Buy the large thick foam sign board from dollarama and cut it up to make your store shelves. Regular card board can easily break down after lots of work. Once you have your shelves, place the items on the shelves and you and your child can take turns as buyer and seller. kids make it fun with line-up and shopping carts($25 at walmart with more products included). Over 4 year olds can use the electronic cash register($10-$25 at walmart) and fake money. You can keep it simple o elaborate it however you want. As long as your kid enjoys it and learns in the process.

Any additional activities are welcome to be added.

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