Mission & Vision

Our mission is to support young parents in difficulty in the achievement of their goals by providing them with affordable housing and opportunities for personal, educational and parental growth. Through living in an encouraging and community oriented environment, O3 envisions a healthy and stable next generation, one child at a time, one family at a time.

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Providing subsidized housing and services for young parents in Montreal.

At O3, we:

  • Provide affordable, quality housing to young, low-income parents in difficulty;
  • Empower families to deal successfully with present and future challenges: financial, personal and with respect to their parenting skills;
  • Assist families in planning for their future by considering life skills, training, work and educational opportunities;
  • Help parents take charge of their lives by supporting them in the development of their personal plan;
  • Hold our residents accountable to the goals they set for themselves when they start the O3 program;
  • Direct and encourage families to access preventative services available in the community;
  • Encourage a culture of mutual support
  • Decrease isolation by creating the conditions for new friendships and relationships of support to flourish.
  • Recognize the negative effect that trauma can have on families and acknowledge that some of our resident members may be coping with mental health issues;
  • Support our resident members through their healing process;
  • Aim to build trust and authentic relationships with our resident families;
  • Value the giving and receiving of feedback as a tool for the entire O3 community, including staff, to grow and become more self-aware
  • Encourage our residents to take advantage of the opportunities provided to them so that they can create the life they envision for themselves and their children;