We realize that all of us are at risk of being vulnerable and in difficulty at some point in our lives. At O3 we take a non-judgmental approach with our resident members in order to build authentic relationships of trust. We understand that resident members come to O3 from a variety of challenging situations. We accept people where they are at while also holding them accountable to the goals they set for themselves.


We recognize differences between people and acknowledge that these differences are a valued asset. O3 welcomes resident members from all walks of life, cultural and spiritual backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender expression.  There is no tolerance for racism, homophobia, classism, transphobia, gossip or any other form of discrimination and disrespect.


We understood that potential resident members vary considerably in the nature of their challenges and degree of support required. Given this, adaptability is key in our approach. We know that setbacks sometimes happen and staff are here to support the resident members to get back on track when life presents surprises or challenges.


We believe in holding the members of the O3 community accountable for their actions. Our goal is to help resident members stay on track and ultimately achieve the goals and the vision they set for themselves when they started the program. Resident members have ownership over their goals and get back what they put in.


We believe that giving and receiving constructive feedback is a valuable tool for growth. All members of the O3 community are encouraged to give and receive constructive feedback so that we can continue to improve ourselves and the O3 Community. The team at O3 relies on feedback from its resident members in order to keep its programs and interventions relevant and helpful. Put simply, giving and receiving feedback makes all of us more self-aware and cognizant of our impact on those around us.

Healthy Food

Given the clear connection between food and health outcomes, O3 focuses on healthy food choices for our community meals. Our community meal program brings residents together to build relationships of mutual support while fostering skills in the kitchen and garden.

Everyone is capable of change! We believe in the potential of everyone.